Is 6G going to change our lives?Things you have to know about 6G!!

What is 6G?

re you tired of hearing about 5G,me too.Today i’m going to tell you about 6G that’s right folks the 6th generation of wireless communication technically speaking it doesn’t exist yet but that hasn’t stopped the internet from all sorts of wild speculation thing is most of the six-feet info out there is hashed small handful of reports and studies so to help clear up any misconceptions.I’m gonna give you a quick rundown of all the things we know for sure about 6G.

Is 6G even real?

Well..YES and NO. 6G will replace 5G but right now 6G is not a functioning piece of technology and still very much in the research face, the telecom industry is so nearly focused on 5G that it’s been treating 6G like a middle sibling.

The industry is so focused on 5G when will 6G actually launched, well mobile technology has evolved on a relatively steady basis 3G came out in 2000’s,4G came out in 2010’s and 5G in 2020 but we won’t get 6G until 2030 however just because we may not see 6G for 10 years doesn’t mean it’s not being worked on right now just like with 5G most major companies and governments will work on 6G projects and several are already talking about plans.

U.S President Donald Trump tweeted in February of 2019 that we wanted 5G and even 6G is U.S as soon as possible. Everyone is already hopping in 6G bandwagon even Donald Trump , all these different governments and companies are already starting to work on 6G. An expert from Sydney said ‘’6G could deliver mind-boggling speed of 1 terabyte per second or 8.000 gigabits per second ‘’.

With 5G we can download a movie in a few seconds but imagine with the 6G?! With 6G speeds in just one second you could download an entire Netflix series.It’s great to talk about what 6G could do but since it’s just a pie in the sky idea at this point,why does it matter to you?Well…it’s going to be like 5G but even more high speeds,downloading and masses of bandwidth researchers and even scientists are even talking about 6G being the network to more from wires and use out devices as antennas to create a decentralize of a single network operator so 6G could be the generation to take the power away from a big telecom company.

6G may bring to life futuristic ideas like the computers technology could soon tap into ours bodies. With 6G science-faction could become science fact,5G is going to to change the way we communicate over the 5 years but when 6G is finally ready it could entirely change the way we live,don’t you?

When do you think we will see 6G, give me your prediction in the comments?

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